Recipe Kalita x Honduras La Julia La Paz

For today’s recipe we decided to go for the Honduras La Julia, La Paz. You need some basic equipment like a boiler, grinder and a brewer like the one we used from Kalita. The Honduras is described by a nutty aroma, red berries and crisp apple acidity. Good luck!

  1. We used 17 grams and 250 milliliter of water. That makes two cups of coffee to share, or a big one for yourself to enjoy.

If you want to make more coffee, simply use the rule that 1 gram of coffee means 15 grams of water, more or less. For example if you are going to use 600 ml of water divide this number by 15. 600/15 = 40. So you need to use 40 grams of grinded coffee.

  1. Grind the Honduras coffee on a medium setting.
  2. Try to use filtered water or mineral water.
  3. Boil the water and rinse the filter to preheat the vessel. Discard the water and add the coffee to the filter.
  4. Put the Kalita on some weighing scale and tare to zero. This way you can easily add the right amount of water.
  5. Pour the water onto the coffee, just enough to get all the coffee wet.
  6. Pour the remaining water onto the coffee and watch the coffee foam.
  7. When you are pouring, try not to let the water get in between the filter and the wall of the Kalita.
  8. Added the 250 milliliter? Serve and enjoy your Honduras.