Recipe: Kalita x Kochere Woreda PB

For this recipe we used Ethiopian coffee, the Kochere Woreda PB light roast, processed natural. This coffeebean has hints of floral tea, peach, lychee and blueberry. We go crazy for this one, so here is the instruction to make a steaming cup at home.

1. Use 21,5 gram of Kochere coffee and 300 milliliter of water. That makes two cups of coffee to share, or a big one for yourself.


2. Grind the Kochere PB on a medium setting. If you don’t have a grinder, you can find these in our shop!


3. Try to use filtered water to get a clean flavour.


4. Boil the water and rinse the filter to preheat the vessel. Discard the water and add the coffee to the filter

5. Put the Kalita on some weighing scale and tare to zero. This way you can easily add the right amount of water.

6. Pour the water onto the coffee, just enough to get all the coffee wet.

7. Pour the remaining water onto the coffee.

8. When you are pouring, try not to let the water get in between the filter and the wall of the Kalita.

9. Added the 300 milliliter? You should aim to pour it in between 2 to 2,5 minutes. If you go over, make sure your grind is coarser.

10. Now you’re ready to serve and enjoy your Kochere PB!

Loved the recipe, but need some extra strength in your cup? Try to stir it after the first pour for a higher extraction of the coffee.